Awesome Gifts for the Woman Who Loves Her Home

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The holidays are coming up, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the woman who loves her home, you’ve come to the right place!

In this gift guide, we will focus primarily on gifts related to home decor that I believe every woman would love to receive. 🙂 I’ll feature items that are both beautiful and functional, as well as a few special splurge items. So browse through this gift guide and find the perfect gift for the woman you love!

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Gift Ideas For the woman Who Loves To Entertain

There are so many lovely gift ideas for the woman who loves to entertain. From a set of beautiful serving platters or bowls, to an elegant marble serving platter or cheese board.

Wine glasses are always a classic gift for any occasion, and they come in so many different styles and shapes. Here are some of my favorite wine glasses.

Another great gift idea is gorgeous decanter to really help her bar cart stand out. Cocktail accessories and sets are also a great gift – it could even be paired with a mixology book to help her explore new drinks and recipes.

I’ve always found stunning tableware at Anthropologie so check there first if you don’t know where to start!

Homegoods always has lovely serveware as well that looks quite high end (at least in my neck of the woods!), but at a fraction of the cost of other retailers. Of course the drawback with Homegoods/ Homesense/Winners/Marshalls is that you have to actually physically go there, so no shopping from the sofa lol!

Gift Ideas For the woman Who Loves To Cook

Is there a woman in your life who loves to cook? If so, this section is for her!

A matching set of cookware is always a great gift – especially for a young woman who maybe has recently moved to a new home and doesn’t have a lot of stuff yet. I still use the amazing set of DeLonghi pots that my mum gifted me over a decade ago!

I recently spotted this Le Creuset dutch oven dupe on Amazon that would be an amazing gift. I love the blue one but there are a ton of gorgeous different colors available! And different sizes as well.

Caraway cookware is also very beautiful. You can gift her a single item or an entire set if you want to really spoil her – either way it will be a gift she’ll definitely appreciate! Caraway is a splurge but well worth the money.

You could also gift her the famous do-it-all Always pan. Beautiful and super useful – I use mine almost daily and one year after buying it, it still looks like new.

Gift Ideas For the woman Who Loves To Keep A Clean Home

Surprise her with functional and beautiful cleaning supplies. Give her a nice caddy filled with all-natural soaps for each room in the house, plus don’t forget to grab some microfiber cloths. They come in handy for dusting and polishing pretty much any surface. You can also gift her an adorable set of tea towels to use in the kitchen. If you can, try to color coordinate the caddy, the cloths and the cleaning products so that it looks pretty when it’s all put together.

Other beautiful cleaning supplies you could gift to her include luxurious dish soaps, beautiful ceramic soap dispensers or even a set of stylish cleaning brushes. These gift ideas will definitely make her feel special and she’ll love having some fancy cleaning supplies to use around the house.


I recently purchased some Homecourt cleaning products and they smell amazing – because of their higher price point, I know from personal experience!!, that it can be hard to justify buying them for yourself. So consider gifting them! Homecourt products would be a real treat for the woman who loves a clean, beautiful smelling home but is frugal as well!

Gift Ideas For The Woman Who Needs To Find Time To Relax!

If you want to encourage your favorite lady to relax and unwind, gift her a cozy throw blanket. Choose one in a soft fabric that she can snuggle up with while reading or watching television. Here are some of my favorite velvet blankets and throws.

A luxurious bathrobe she can wrap herself in after a hot shower or bath would also be a much appreciated gift. And don’t forget the cozy slippers to keep her feet warm!

Bath salts, bath oils, bath bombs and essential oils are also all great gifts for the woman who needs to take a break.

Lastly, a gift certificate to a spa session is always a nice gesture as well!

Gift Ideas For The Woman That Loves Candles

Gift her a selection of luxurious scented candles. Choose from a range of sizes, colors and fragrances to create the perfect gift set. I personally love Voluspa candles, they all smell amazing.

If she doesn’t like scents or you’re not sure what scents she would like, then consider one of these really neat electric lighters, a wick trimmer, or a cute match holder with some fancy matches like in the pic below. And don’t forget a lovely decorative tray to display her candle on!

For even more scent-sational gifts – not candles but since we’re talking about things that smell good – consider gifting her beautiful reed diffusers or scented oil burners. You can also gift her a luxurious gift set of essential oils so she can create her own custom aromatherapy blends!

Splurge Gifts For Her

No gift guide is complete without a few splurge items. The perfect type of splurge gifts are things that you know she’d never buy for herself but would really love to have!

For me personally they are the expensive Kitchenaid stand mixer, a beautiful essential oil diffuser (like a Vitruvi), and for a long time I had a Nespresso Vertuo coffee maker on my “would love to buy one-day” wish list. We actually ended up buying that as a housewarming gift to ourselves when we bought our house, and it’s the second best thing we ever bought, right after our inflatable hot tub, which is AMAZING – in fact, actually, just buy her an inflatable hot tub, lol! (We have this one – we use it almost every day and couldn’t live without one now!)

Also the Aark carbonator (basically just a fancy sodastream) has been on my list for a long time because it just looks SO good. Oh oh oh and the Alessi kettle! 😂 Ok that’s it.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes make for unique gifts that keep on giving. Whether she loves beauty, fashion, or home decor, gift her a subscription box to introduce her to the newest and best products each month.

I’ve personally tried Birchbox before they decided to stop shipping to Canada, Barkbox (for dogs, but still! Great box), Scentbird (overpriced IMO) and my favorite: IPSY, which I’m still subscribed to. I really look forward to receiving it every month🙂

There are so many subscription boxes out there to choose from, so it’s hard to recommend any single one besides the ones I’ve personally tried – but you can check out ALL of them on a site called Cratejoy and find a ton of information on what each one offers.

Home Decor To AVOID Gifting To a Woman

Furniture. Unless you’ve been told exactly what furniture your gift recipient wants, I would probably avoid buying furniture as a gift as it’s quite a personal choice and could end up being a gift that doesn’t suit the gift recipient’s taste. Instead, best to focus on accessories and smaller items that can be easily incorporated into the gift recipient’s home.

Artwork. Another home decor gift I’d be wary of gifting is artwork. The gift recipient may have a certain style of artwork that they like, and again, as with furniture, it can be difficult to determine what this is without them telling you. Just because YOU really like a piece of art, doesn’t mean she will! 😉

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Her

Lastly, don’t forget the stockings! Stocking stuffers are some of the best items to gift, and there’s so much out there that you can gift her. Here’s a quick list to get the ideas flowing! If you are the designated stocking stuffer, here’s a tip: wrap each little gift individually! I used to love it when as a child my mum would wrap all my stocking gifts individually – it extended the Christmas excitement that much more!

  • Tubes of hand cream – these ones look like little tubes of paint!
  • Special skin care products (masks, creams, etc)
  • Cute socks
  • Gourmet chocolates – yum 😋
  • Small set of scented candles – these ones are gorgeous!
  • Mini perfume sets
  • Gift card to her favorite home decor store

Happy gifting! I hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for the woman who loves her home!

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