15 Oil and Vinegar Dispensers Worthy of your Countertop

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I’m no pro chef, but if there is one thing I use every single day in the kitchen, it’s olive oil. And balsamic vinegar comes in a close second.

Because I use these items on a regular basis, I prefer to buy my olive oil and vinegar in bulk to save money, oh hey Costco! My olive oil, for example, comes in a 4 liter metal container. Obviously it’s not feasible to extract a 4-liter olive oil can every time I need to prepare a salad or a meal, so instead, I rely on a dispenser (also called a cruet apparently).

The problem is that most olive oil and vinegar dispenser sets just don’t look that good. Many of them just look literally like bottles without labels, with not much thought put towards the aesthetics of the item.

Like the classic vinegar dispenser:

Soooo, after spending far too much time researching this and pondering if the meaning of life really just boils down to looking for beautiful oil dispensers, I’ve determined that there ARE in fact some oil and vinegar dispenser designs out there that do look really nice.

If you’ve got the time and the passion for shopping vintage online, I’d definitely recommend checking Etsy for vintage oil and vinegar cruets as well. You never know what you’ll find but sometimes the findings are goooood 😍

Styling tips for your oil and vinegar dispensers

Of course you don’t have to buy sets, you can absolutely buy one of these dispensers without the other. Totally not necessary for them to match. You could get two different vessels that compliment each other nicely and display them on a little tray together instead.

If you haven’t bought a matching set (perhaps you found a gorgeous vintage cruet), then pairing your cruet next to other vessels with some variation in height and size can be nice. Pairing glass with ceramic is another nice touch.

A small salt cellar nearby can be a nice addition to place near your oil and vinegar vessels. Wooden cutting boards nearby also look good.

I like to keep mine on a tray because it makes them look prettier and more collected – I also find trays are great for catching drips that can occur after pouring.

What to look for in a good cooking oil dispenser:

There are few things I like to look out for when shopping for an olive oil dispenser:

  • form + function, IE it has to look good but it also needs to be designed well.
  • no overcomplicated caps and lids. Clean design only!
  • should be made out of a material like glass, ceramic or porcelain, so they don’t absorb odors and stains. (Caps can be wood or cork)
  • dark glass is preferable because it protects your olive oil from sunlight, but clear glass works as well
  • ideally dishwasher safe to make cleaning easier

What to look for in a good vinegar dispenser:

  • should be made out of glass or ceramic
  • ideally dishwasher safe to make cleaning easier

I’ve rounded up all the best oil and vinegar dispensers for you today, in case you’re on the hunt as well. Any of these oil and vinegar dispensers would also make a wonderful present for your discerning home owner friend who appreciates good design. 🙂

Just to be clear, I’m looking for cruets that look good and perform well enough.

Mainly I want to love having them in my kitchen on display without feeling like it’s an eyesore. I’m not necessarily looking for something a professional chef would use!

With that being said, here are the things I would look for in sexy looking oil and vinegar cruets:

15 most attractive oil and vinegar cruets

  1. White and wood oil and vinegar dispensers – Amazon
  2. Thero oil and vinegar cruet set – Crate & Barrel
  3. Oil & vinegar cruet – Design Within Reach
  4. No drip olive oil cruet – Wayfair
  5. White textured stoneware oil vinegar set – West Elm
  6. Marble oil dispenser – Stokes
  7. Ettore Sottsass kitchen oil dispenser – Wayfair
  8. Stonewear oil cruet – Pottery Barn
  9. Shaillee cruets – Black and white matte – Crate & Barrel
  10. Olipac copper plated oil dispenser – Selfridges
  11. Felipe glass cruet – Crate & Barrel
  12. Oil & vinegar cruets – Amazon
  13. Isabella clear glass oil and vinegar cruets – Urban Outfitters
  14. Clear oil and vinegar cruets – Etsy
  15. Neutral kitchen oil dispenser – Simons

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