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Right here at Slotu, you’ll find all the best online casinos out there today with the most incredible selections of online slots and fantastic bonuses sure to exponentially multiply your bankroll, extend your play time, increase your fun and up your chances to win.

How do we know where to find the best online casinos for slots players? Thanks to our rigid selection criteria and years of expertise, we’ve endeavored to provide you with a list of only the best of the best, in terms of variety of slots, quality of slots, bonuses, safety and security, to make sure that your online slots experience is as good as it gets. Read More

How to select the best online casinos

It’s always important, whether you’re just playing for fun or going for the gold with real money on the line, to know what you’re getting into. Here we at Slotu have taken the proverbial “look before you leap” for you to make sure we are pointing you to the best online casinos for free and real money slots players. With online casino no deposit bonus you keep what you win when you play for real money and mega jackpots on these tried and true high-quality slots sites.

Our intent is to bring you only the best online casinos, with state-of-the-art casino slots to play for free or real money, all the best online casino bonuses to drive your bankroll and put you in the ultimate winners’ circle. Quality slots gameplay is what it’s always been all about for us. As long-term online casino slots fanatics, we live in all-immersive, cutting-edge slots games packed with wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, free spins and special features. Quality of gameplay, only the best software, superb graphics, digital sound, major, minor and progressive jackpots are what spin our wheels in the right direction and keep our world going round.

That’s why we’ve gone to great pains to make sure that the online slots we bring you and the casinos that host them are top notches, state-of-the-art facilities guaranteed to maximize your playing fun, thrills and profit without any of the headaches associated with subpar casino sights, dodgy operators and the rest of the riff-raff that’s unfortunately all too common online these days.

How we choose the best online slots casinos

We evaluate online slots casinos based on a number of selection criteria to ensure we pass on only the best recommendations. Our criteria include:

Game Selection and Quality

At the end of the day, it comes down to the ease of finding the slots games you want to play. That’s why game selection is important. As avid slots fans we know that a casinos game selection can make all the difference between a slightly frustrating slots session and a magnificent slots playing day. So here at Slotu we make careful note of each casino’s game selection. Do they have 3-reel slots? Do they have 5-reel slots? Do they have 3D slots? Are the slots games the most up-to-date? Do they offer regular new games from leading slots manufacturers, etc.? These are just a handful of the questions we ask each and every time we visit an online casino.

Safety and Security

Now when it comes to playing slots for real money it’s mission critical to know that the site we choose to play on is both safe and secure. We delve into each casino’s fine print to ascertain whether they offer the latest, state-of-the-art encryption (we have a penchant for 264-bit SSL security protocols, the same type of security offered by most major financial institutions today). Does the casino have a data protection policy that ensures your data is never passed on or sold to third parties? Does the casino have rigid internal rules in place to make sure you can always access, change or delete your own personal data if you so choose? How does the casino store your personal data and who has access to it? These are some of the myriads of questions we ask when looking to assess whether we can give any individual casino a thumbs up in the security department.

Casino Software Providers

It’s essential that the casinos we recommend using only the latest and greatest software to make their games are up to global industry standards. We look into what software each casino uses, whether they use multiple software suppliers or are loyal to only one and whether the software comes from reputable industry players. We also look into the download casino software, to make sure it is optimized to function flawlessly across multiple platforms on multiple devices and operating systems. We check the download time, ease of install and functionality of all casino software downloads in making our assessment.

Online Casino Bonuses and Giveaways

When it comes to playing online for real money, casino bonuses and free spin options are an important part of a value-added slots experience. We compare and contrast different casino bonus offers to make sure they are on par with reputable casinos standard offers. We look at the diversity of the bonus offers for slots available at the casino and at how often these offers change to keep pace with industry norms.

Selection of Payment Methods

When you’re playing for real money it’s essential to know you can easily add to your account or make quick withdrawals. We investigate each casino’s cashier policies, what payment methods they accept, for example if they take major debit and credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, etc. if they accept wire transfers and bank transfers, and/or accept alternative payment methods such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. We also examine each casino’s withdrawal policies to see if there are specific withdrawal limits, what withdrawal methods are available and the time it takes your winnings to reach your account to see if they are up to acceptable industry standards.

Casino Customer Support

Finally, we look at each casino’s support options. How easy is it to actually get a live person on the line? Can you communicate with the casino via email, live chat, telephone? Are there often long waits to speak with a customer service representative? Are their support staff friendly? Knowledgeable? How long does it take the support team to resolve a problem, etc.?

Best online slots bonuses

At the same time, we here at Slotu completely recognize that perhaps the single most unique feature of playing slots at the best online casinos is that they usually come with spectacular bonuses. Unlike traditional brick and mortar casinos, where sure, the drinks are free if you can find a waitress, and maybe your club card, if you’re a complete regular, might get you a room upgrade or other minimal perks, online casinos, thanks to their minimal overhead and virtual only presence can offer their players amazing bonuses, free spins and chips to get the edge up on the competition.

And indeed, it is an incredibly competitive market, with the best online casino operators marketing departments working overtime to create new bonus offers to incentivize players, draw new players in the door to play slots for real money and keep solid, satisfied customers coming back for more. Fortunately, for real money slots players, that means the bonus options are seemingly endless.

The range of these online casino bonuses can be amazing, from stupendous match bonuses up to 1000% or more of your deposits, to copious free spins, dollar value free chips, no deposit casino bonuses that mean you can play for real money without having to pony up a dime and enjoy all the rewards of real money online slots play with zero real world financial risk… seriously, what could be better, who doesn’t love free money?


To sum it all up, it’s our goal here at Slotu to bring you the world’s largest assortment of the best online slots and best free slots without registration anywhere on the web today. We bend over backwards, as die-hard slots enthusiasts, to screen every free online slots site we list to make sure the operators are tried and tested and offer only the highest quality slots games, from traditional 3-reel slots to modern multi-feature, multi payline 5-reel slots, to all the latest digital surround sound, super high-end graphics 3D slots. We do the homework, so you don’t have to, to make sure you get an up-to-date listing of all the best slot machines to play, at the most reputable casinos with fantastic bonus offers, easy deposits and withdrawals when you choose to play online slots for real money. It’s our heart and soul to make sure you get simply the best overall, immersive slots gaming experience online today.


How can I tell the best online casinos?

Trust and integrity are the two operative terms when it comes to selecting the best online casinos. It’s mission critical that the best online casinos not only have a mind blowing selection of the best slots available today, with state-of-the-art graphics, digital sound and a look and feel of play that ensures your gaming experience is the best it can be, you also need to know you’re playing, especially if you’re putting real money on the line, at a casino that has easy and fast deposits and withdrawals, acceptable deposit methods, from accepting major credit cards, to bank and wire transfers, to Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin, but moreover can guarantees your personal data is safe and secure and the highest level industry standard security measures are in place. Solid, dependable, easy to access and friendly customer support is also an important factor to keep in mind when selecting the best real money or free play online slots casino.

Is it legal to play slots in an online casino?

While the answer depends in part where you are located in the world, for the most part and the vast majority of the world’s citizens, the answer is yes. Different states obviously have different takes on whether online casino slots play for real money is legal, illegal, regulated, unregulated or simply take a see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil blind eye approach. Fortunately for the vast majority of the English-speaking world, online casino play is completely legal and usually highly regulated. The key in selecting an online casino that’s right for you is to look at the casino’s terms and conditions to see if playing is legal in your state of residence.

Furthermore, it’s important to check whether the online casino has strict personal data protections in place, making sure your registration data will never be shared with or sold to third parties and that the site’s security protocols are at world class, industry standard levels. If you are in doubt about whether you can legally play in your state and know you are of legal age (21 years-old and even in some states and countries 18 years-old) it’s never a bad idea to contact the casino’s customer service representatives to ask if you are allowed to play, deposit and make withdrawals in your place of residence.

As a general rule, it’s also important to keep in mind when making casino deposits and withdrawals that the vast majority of online casinos will bill your credit card under a name that does not include the name of the casino as well as pay out your winnings in a form that does not link those winnings back to the casino. The reason for this is, for example in the United States, federal law has prohibited banks from accepting casino winnings deposits. That said, you are under no obligation to tell your US bank that that money coming into your account is from a casino.

Is it safe to play online casino slots?

As long as you are using a reputable online casino like the ones listed here the answer is yes, indeed they are. All reputable online casinos will have state-of-the-art, industry standard security protocols in place to protect their players and themselves. All transmissions should be encrypted using the latest 264-bit SSL standards. All reputable online casinos should have a published personal data protection policy and rigid in-house rules to ensure your data remains, safe, secure, and most importantly, only ever yours.

How do I start to play at an online casino?

These days many casinos don’t even require you to register if you are interested in playing the best online slots for free with no download. The instant play at most online casinos allows you to play immediately, with no deposit, no download and no personal information required. Other casinos require you to register if you want to enjoy their full assortment of free online slots.

Registration usually entails providing a username, password and valid email address to get started. Once you’ve done this, a process that takes literally less that a minute, you can almost always jump right in to playing your favorite online slots or exploring the casino floor and games selection. You can start to play for free instantly.

Switching to real money, if you feel lady luck breathing softly on your neck, is quick and easy once you’ve registered. This involves adding billing information to receive payments of your winnings as well as your up-to-date credit card, bitcoin wallet or bank transfer information to make deposits.

Do online casino bonuses make a difference?

They make a huge difference. One of the major differences between playing online casino slots games and in a traditional brick and mortar casino is the fact that almost all online casinos offer fantastic bonuses to extend your ability to play and win. The online casino world is a highly competitive business and online casino operators are always looking for new and creative ways to incentivize their players with amazing bonuses to create loyalty and keep customers playing.

Bonuses can include everything from matching funds to exponentially multiply your bankroll, to free spins, and free chips. Many online casinos, in fact most today, offer extensive VIP programs for regular players who love to play for real money. VIP programs are usually progressive, multi-layer affairs that, in the upper reaches include a personalized customer service agent, fantastic bonuses, free chips, free spins, deposit insurance, higher betting and withdrawal limits and personalized gifts.

What are the best casino bonuses?

Without a doubt, the best of the best online casino slots bonuses are called “no deposit bonuses”. Theses gems mean you can play online slots for real money with absolutely no risk. The casino is basically giving you money to play with and you keep your winnings. Keep in mind, even the best online casinos aren’t big fans of giving out free money, so finding the best no deposit casino bonuses can take some effort.

Moreover, it’s important to read the fine print as many no deposit bonus offers will include play through requirements or have limits on how much you can withdrawal. The ultimate no deposit online casino bonuses come with no playthrough requirements and no max withdrawals.

Am I old enough to play at an online casino?

That depends on two things, how old you are and the age requirements in your state or country. For the most part, if you are over 21 and online gaming is legal in your place of residence, you are old enough to play free or real money online slots games at online casinos. In some states the legal age is as low as 18. It’s always best to check the terms and conditions or your favorite online slots casino for details or contact customer service by telephone, email, instant message or live chat with any questions.

Do I have to pay taxes on my online casino winnings?

This varies quite widely by jurisdiction. In the United States, for example, if you are playing real money online slots and hit the jackpot, the IRS does require that you report your online casino earnings as earned income, which is therefore taxable. That said, the IRS also allows you to deduct gambling expenses up to the amount of your winnings, which means you need to keep excellent records of your losses (as well as your winnings) if you hope to take advantage of the deduction. The key here is to keep all your credit card or bank transfer receipts to justify any write-offs you hope to make.

How do I make online casino deposits to play online slots for real money?

Almost all reputable casinos will accept a variety of payment methods when it comes time to make your first deposit. Most casinos today accept major credit and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard, American Express as well as alternative deposit methods such at Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, bank transfer or bank wire.

What kind of software do online casinos use?

Most online casinos tend to stick with one software supplier, that’s why different casinos will often have a similar look and feel as the games come from the same manufacturer. For example, when you like to play slot machines from NetEnt or Microgaming, do not search for a casino which offers Aristocrat software slotsOnline slots casinos don’t make the games themselves. Today there are a host of major slots games manufacturers and very few online casinos that partner with multiple manufacturers. One you find their type of slots game that have a look and feel and the features you love, check out the manufacturer and look for online casinos that carry that manufacturer exclusively for the best game playing experience.

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